How Life on the Ranch Leads to new Life Off the Ranch

In Isaiah 30, God questions his children as to why they don’t come to Him for counsel. He asks them “why do continue to go to Egypt (a type of the world) for their advice?”. In Isaiah 30:15 the Lord says “It's in returning to Me and rest, you’ll be saved. Quietness and confidence in Me will be your strength, but you won't". 5Rock Ranch is here to make it easy for those who finally do decided to seek the Lord. The ranch is a Christ-centered community where people come and live for a time, giving them the privilege to seek the Lord with all their heart, soul, mind and strength. Our job one is to make that as easy as possible for them to do.

People come to retreat, to be restored, to be rescued or to find a safe place. Single moms and their kids live at the ranch. Most are fleeing violence, trying to end addictions, or just seeking a safe place to start over. They come broken, alone and in serious trouble, and its here that each “Undeniably God” story begins.

Fatherless Young Men

Young men without dads need someone to teach them to be a man; certainly mom can’t. Many young men turn to porn, gangs, movies and the world to define manhood. At 5Rock Ranch we commit to young men that we will teach them to be men. We created Advance Camps for Young Men to come and learn under the guidance and care of mature men how to be a man. Jesus when he saw someone hungry he fed them, thirsty he gave them something to drink, sick he healed them. So too, we want to serve these young men practically as well as spiritually.

Single Moms & Kids

At 5Rock Ranch we don’t believe “Your Issue” is “Your Issue”. In other words, if you're an addict we don’t believe your addiction is your issue, your relationship to God is the issue. If your issue is your severely abusive past… we don’t believe your past is your issue, we believe your relationship to God is the issue.

Floundering Adults

A Day at 5Rock

The “rhythm of the ranch” each weekday goes something like this…
  • Praise Cafe’ 6-7
  • Breakfast 7-8
  • Mom’s Journey while Adults serve
  • Lunch 12-1
  • Adults Journey while Moms enjoy time with their preschoolers and serve 1-3
  • Everyone helps with the kids 3-5
  • Dinner 5-6
  • Family fellowship 6-8
  • Lodge closes at 8pm
The “rhythm of the ranch” on the weekends goes something like this…
  • Saturday we work most of the day at the Ranch.
  • Sunday we sleep in and have an awesome Brunch at 10:30 and leave for Church at 4:00pm.
  • We go to River West Church evening services, and we stay and clean up to teach everyone that serving the church is important.

The Journey

Our core ministry is called H.I.S. Journey (Healing Injured Souls). The “Journey” is a dedicated nine months of themed Bible studies designed to restore each guest to the Lord, renew them in the Lord and establish them for the Lord.

The Journey