How a Dude Ranch Became 5Rock Ranch

Over 125 years ago, stagecoach riders came through the Travelers Home on the Trask Mountain Stagecoach route. In 1922, Bryce and Barbara Mitchell bought this land which served as home and the place for the family business. In 1970, the Mitchell’s started the Flying M Ranch with a rustic dining room, a restaurant and a museum. It became a destination place for people to fly in or stop over on a trip to the coast.

The original lodge was destroyed by fire in 1983, but family and friends provided financial help and a new lodge was completed and opened in 1984. In 2008, the Mitchell’s sold the ranch to a family in Southern Oregon who had a dream of using the ranch as a place of healing and hope for the broken and fatherless. They worked with Scott and Christy to start 5Rock Ranch, and this family provides the ranch at a cost of $1 a year to 5Rock.

The 5Rock Name

The ministry is named after the story of David, who picked up 5 smooth stones to enter into battle with the giant, Goliath. David only needed one rock, but he carried 5 rocks to ensure victory for himself and all the people. No one expected a small boy with a sling and a few stones to conquer a giant, but this is an undeniably God story. And now, 5Rock is a place where God undeniably connects with people who face unimaginable pain and struggle. But like David, our belief is that God is able to deliver, and he does.

Meanwhile Back at The Ranch

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