Danielle's Story

Danielle's Story

Hello. I thought I would message you our experience at 5Rrock Ranch. I had come to the end of myself. I had been saved as a child but ran from God for 15 years. In that year I had lost my kid’s father which put me over the edge of the already difficult life I was leading. I was trying to go to church with my kids because I new this was the right thing to do but was not attending regularly due to my addictions. My kids were going through a traumatic time with the loss of their father and I was not able to be there for them emotionally like they needed because I was unhealthy myself. My pastor from the church we were going to came to my house and asked if I was okay. I broke down and explained our situation. Broken and in need of healing he suggested the Ranch. I decided to quit smoking and every other thing I was doing that had to do with damaging my body.

That Friday he came over and we went to look at the Ranch that Sunday. I met with Scott Bradley who is the founder of 5Rock Ranch. I told him a little of my story, nothing he has not heard before as he has been working with hurting people for a lot of years. He said he would pray as should I and discern if this was God’s will for us as a family. I had decided by the second day of praying that I felt it was. He as well came to that conclusion.

We left everything we owned except for a small amount of things like clothes, pictures, etc. We moved into a motel room setting, me and the 3 kids. They call it the bunkhouse. It is a one story building that has 20 some rooms all set up as a motel room. When you first arrive you are given a time to just relax with no responsibilities, as most of the people that come have not had a place of refuge for years. The other building that is there is the Lodge. This is where the community living takes place. There is a living room, dining room, café, and kitchen. Downstairs are meeting rooms set up for church meetings and such. Upstairs is the administration area. The Lodge is beautiful and right beside it is a fast flowing river that is beautiful. This is where people spend much of their time, especially in the winter. So during this time of rest you are getting to know and feel comfortable with the people you are residing with. Everyone eats family style breakfast, lunch and dinner. Some people have never gotten this chance to experience a meal at a table with friends and family. After this time of rest you are placed in a position that best suits you whether it be inside work or outside work. Everyone has a chore which teaches them things along the way and gives them the opportunity to get to know someone more intimately. During the summer the ranch can and probably will be busy with retreats and weddings as this is part of the ranch. It is a non profit organization and is only funded by supporters on donations. So summer with these types of events helps with that. Once you decide to stay you become staff and will be working these events. During the summer there is not a lot of time for bible studies or growth through the word, but most folks grow in other ways through this service, communication, working as a team, learning to serve, and getting to meet a lot of great people. Not to mention the awesome river and mountains that you have at your fingertips. During the winter is when they have something called the Journey where they are given a chance to be submerged in the word of God. There are many bible studies during this time and the individual is given an awesome opportunity to build an intimate relationship with the Lord. God in miraculous ways shows them how much he loves and treasures them. Roots are given and a strong foundation, one that cannot be moved. In my personal experience I had never realized how much God loved me and who I was in Christ. He taught me integrity, reverence and gave me the power of the Holy Spirit to be his witness. I was pulled away from this world and given a second chance along with my kids as God revealed to me that they were being healed as they slept. I was emptied out and empty vessel at one point and God miraculously filled me with him. All the bad was emptied and I was filled with his righteousness, love, forgiveness and mercy. I was no longer who I used to be. There were hard times as well it is though you are on the spinning wheel of the potter and at times it is spinning so fast and other times it slows to the speed of a heartbeat. I was growing at a fast pace and some of the growing pains were painful, same for the kids.

When leaving the ranch I was leaving knowing God loved us tremendously like never before, I was the mom I was meant to be. Healing took place in many areas and my children were shown who God was. I was also given the heart and power to be a servant and serve in ministry. When it was time to go the Lord made it evident to me and when leaving he provided everything we needed. Not saying it landed in our lap, but with us taking steps forward he was definitely at work.

I would never take back the time and opportunity we had at 5Rock Ranch. It has changed our lives. The leaders there are in tune with God and his plan. They are being used in an awesome way to change lives and they are there to be God’s hands and feet. I would encourage your friend to go if he or she is willing to give up the world to seek the Lord for a vital time and with an open heart. My kids and I lived up there for 1 and a half years. My uncle saw what the Lord did in our lives and wanted that for himself as he was also at the end of himself. At the end of yourself is where you need to be for God to be able to intervene in a super powerful way. Letting go and letting God…that is the key. I hope this information has been helpful. If you still have questions let me know and I would be happy to answer them.

Danielle Henderson

People come and stay at the ranch for a few weeks to a year or more. They come seeking help, hope and truth and find that God is here and He provides refuge, He restores, He renews and He establishes each person as only God can.