It’s been rattling around inside you for a while now, like a marble in an empty can. You can’t ignore it.

Every day you look out on a world, and see people facing hardship and hurt. The need is greater than can be served. It’s a world that needs people willing to step up and help. That voice inside of you is saying, “Go help.” You know you’ve heard it.

Maybe it’s your life experiences, your outlook, your faith that makes you want to help. It doesn’t matter, it’s there, and you should answer that voice today.

You just can’t find the right place or the right opportunity.

Broken and fatherless families leave a mom overwhelmed trying to cope, children trying to find a bedrock upon which to stand. Every fatherless family has a different story to tell. What’s not written yet is the ending. You can help write a better ending for fatherless families at 5Rock Ranch in Yamhill County, Oregon. That ending is a new beginning.

You’ll be part of a place that allows moms and their children a place to restore their faith, hope and love through Jesus Christ. A place where they can put their lives on hold for a season and restore their spirit in a Christian setting.

That little voice, “Go Help,” is God calling you to missionary service.
5Rock Ranch is an ideal place to fulfill your calling.
If you have a season to help turn the lives of moms and their children into something better, you’ll like 5Rock Ranch.
Choose from three seasons, September to December; January to April; and May to August.

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