Weddings—The word itself conjures up beautiful images of joy, hope and promises. The wedding bonds between a man and a woman are the cornerstone of a lifelong journey. There's something deep inside us that tells us this is right, this is good. If you're a couple embrace the same beliefs as us, we invite you to begin your walk together with the Lord in a special place like 5Rock Ranch.

We are a Christ centered ministry focused on fatherless families. There is not a day that goes by where we aren't reminded of the importance of a Christ centered marriage. Jesus is the key to a "forever relationship", and families staying together.

5Rock Ranch only offers the ranch as a wedding venue to Christian men and women who are in agreement with our statement of faith, and agree to participate in the pre-marriage sessions we provide.


Celebrating a Christ centered marriage is the only reason we offer 5Rock Ranch as a venue. We are not interested in being in the wedding business. We are a ministry who chooses to celebrate Christ centered men and women who want to begin their "forever relationship" together in a place that loves Jesus, and are devoted to His ways. A "forever relationship" requires Jesus in the center of it.


Your wedding and wedding day are important to you, and they are important to us. Our passion is to provide a very special place and a very special day, where the Lord's handiwork is displayed in all its beauty, and the Lord's work is being done every day.

Along with our ceremony and reception options, we offer many amenities included in the price of your wedding:

A Bride's Suite which includes changing Room, make up mirrors, music speakers, overlook of Cafe'.

A Groom's Cave complete with Lazyboy couches, pool table, ping pong, Wii games, and more.

We have disc golf, hiking trails, and even a movie room.

You can even add on horseback riding, an espresso bar, guest room gift baskets, snacks, overnight rooms, and the list goes on.