Restoring faith, hope, and love to the fatherless and the floundering through Jesus Christ!

Some people live at the ranch full time. They might be a single mom with children or an individual. Usually, the common denominator is fatherlessness. These are people who have put their lives on hold for a season to live at the ranch and seek the Lord. Our goal is that they are restored to Him, renewed in Him, and established for Him. This is done through the Word of God! We call it HIS Journey (Healing Injured Souls). This is done during the school year and people must apply to attend each 4 month term.

We also have full time volunteer staff. These are people who are called to serve the Lord for at least 1 term of 4 months. They may re-apply to serve additional terms.

Some people come to the ranch for a respite. They can visit for a few hours, a day, a weekend, or sometimes up to a month or so depending on the need.

We love to come alongside churches in any way we can. 5Rock is a resource for the church for retreats and gatherings, but we have relationships with the church so we can join together in the battle of fatherlessness. We want to come alongside pastors and churches to provide a place where they can send hurting people to seek the Lord with all of their heart, undistracted with the pressures of the world.

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    This a place where Your Undeniably God story can be lived out as you serve and care for our residents here at the Ranch. Individuals, churches, businesses and small groups volunteer for short-term and long-term projects.

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